Mach-E First Addition Shown: Options May Vary 

The All New All Electric 2020 Ford Mach-E

Electric & Untamed


    Who says electric vehicles have to be boring? Betten Baker Ford invites you to experience Ford Motor Company's rebuttal to that dated stereotype with their soon to be unveiled battery-electric, Mustang-inspired SUV, the Mach-E. The much awaited reveal will be videocast across the globe on November 17, 2019 on Ford's Website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and CNN.


    We expected the first of the Mach-Es to arrive on our Betten Baker Ford lots in the beginning of Q4 of 2020. We have been scouring the blogs, forums and tabloids to provide all of the best information for our Betten Baker Family. Below you'll read what we know, what the most reputable blogs put forth, and what Betten Baker Ford's most trusted third party sources are speculating.

Busting The Myth:

    A survey of American drivers has revealed the majority expect electric vehicles to replace gasoline-engine cars in the near future, yet misconceptions may stop consumers switching from gas to electric any time soon. To help consumers better understand the potential of EVs, Ford commissioned a nationwide survey and uncovered a few misconceptions they wanted to debunk ahead of launching its first Mach-E. 

    First: almost 80% of Americans surveyed wouldn't trust an all-electric vehicle in bad weather. So, it would come as a surprise to most Americans that hot Southern California and mile-high, snowy Denver are among the top U.S. markets for electric vehicles.

    Ford has gone to great lengths to test their electric vehicles in extreme conditions. And while it is true that you can anticipate a partial reduction in range in extreme conditions, this is not something that is going to sneak up on you. They say the reduction would be similar to the gas powered vehicle's mpg reduction from increased use of heat or air conditioning in extreme temperatures. Check out the video below for more information on their extreme weather testing.

    To prevent weather related battery draining, Ford is working with their software and mechanical engineers to create efficiencies in power useage and vehicle performance in order to maximize battery range when you need it. Not sure if the Mach-E has enough range? Check out Ford's range mapping tool here to see just how far one charge can take you.

    Secondly: 42% of Americans think electric vehicles still require gas to run. How would you feel about never going to a gas station again? B.E.V. owners can do all their charging in the convenience, safety, and privacy of their own garage. No more wading through slush and salt to fill up when temperatures drop below zero.  No more standing outside boiling in the summer sun. No more wondering if you are going to smell like fuel after leaving the pump.

    Want to take your Mach-E on a long distance road trip? No worries, Ford is offering its all-electric vehicle customers access to North America's largest public electric vehicle charging network, with more than 12,000 places to charge Including Betten Baker Ford of Coopersville. These charge stations will include fast charging, and house more than 35,000 charge plugs nationwide. Ford will do this by using and expanding the Electrify America network of chargers. By doing so, Ford will provide more charger access than any other automotive manufacturer. Click here to see the public vehicle charging network available to Ford EV customers.

    Thirdly: 67% of Americans don't believe that electric vehicles are capable enough in terms of towing and hauling. Electrification doesn't have to be about compromise, and it won't be at Ford. Ford can deliver vehicles that are electric, thrilling, and tough all at the same time, and that's exactly what they're going to do. Currently the first all electric F-150 can pull over 1 million pounds. Leading us at Betten Baker to believe you won't sacrifice towing capacity over any other vehicle in this SUV segment.

What Does Betten Baker Think?

    Battery Performance: Ford has revealed that the Mach-E will stand on a dedicated EV platform, unfortunately at this point we can only speculate on the battery pack and its powertrain specifications. Ford has told us that the B.E.V. can cover at least 230 miles on a single charge for the base model and 300 miles for a fully loaded model. Ford also states that their vehicle will be able to gain 47 miles of range in just 10 minutes of charge. This range performance makes us think that Ford will use a 100-kWh battery, similar to the battery pack powering Tesla's Model S 100D. A battery of this size should create somewhere around 400 BHP. 

    Vehicle Performance: Due to the fact the Mach-E is based around the Mustang's styling and heritage, we believe the Mach-E will have performance-oriented design and powertrains. It has been rumored that suspension, aerodynamic, and handling characteristics are likely to be borrowed from Ford's Mustang GT500 and GT supercar. Ford will offer all trims in AWD, with some available in RWD. We believe Ford will provide all wheel drive by mounting two electric motors on each vehicle. 

    Vehicle Features: The Mach-E will come in five trim levels, each including different features, ranges, and trim options. We speculate that each trim will include the two screen information system. The two screens used will be used as the digital dashboard screen and a tablet style infotainment screen. Ford is striving for the sleek and modern interior look without losing the Mustang heritage, and we think you'll love what you see.

    Michigan Made: The Mach-E will be the first domestic competitor for the upcoming Tesla Model Y. With Tesla contributing to more than 80% of current EV sales in the United States, Ford has big shoes to fill, and judging by the $11.5 billion pledged R&D for Ford's EVs, we think the B.E.V. will not disappoint. There has been speculation that the vehicle will start around $40,000. However once a buyer factors potential federal and state EV rebates the starting price might be driven down to make the B.E.V. a strong price leader in this segment. 

How To Order A Mach-E

    Starting November 17th the Mach-E reservation system will go live. To order a vehicle stop by Betten Baker Ford of Coopersville, our sales consultants will walk you through the order forms, assist you in picking trim & finishes, and receipt your $500 reservation fee. After you've completed your order you'll leave with Betten Baker Ford with a build sheet, vehicle information, and a potential delivery date for your soon to arrive Mach-E. Vehicle reservations can be canceled at no cost anytime inside the purchaser's Ford account.

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